You Shouldn't Be Shivering in Your Own Home

Get reliable heating repair services in Lakeland, Crystal Lake or Auburndale, FL

When you find your home or office without heat, don't reach for the blankets and space heaters. Turn to Supreme AC Solutions, LLC for fast and reliable heating repair services in Lakeland, Crystal Lake and Auburndale, FL. You'll meet with a qualified HVAC technician who will troubleshoot your system and provide the repairs you need, including heat pump repair.

Reach out to us in Lakeland or Auburndale, FL to schedule your heat pump repair today.

Which heating system is best for your home?

Supreme AC Solutions offers a variety of heating systems that can keep your home or office comfortable year-round, including:

  • Heat pumps - Central heating units can be used during hot and cold months to keep your building comfortable.
  • Straight cools - Great for Florida residents, straight cools are a cost- and energy-efficient way to heat your home.
  • Heat strips -Heat strips are a great way to quickly knock the chill out of the air.
  • Mini-splits - Mini-split systems allow you to control the air in different rooms so you can heat and cool rooms as needed.


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