Maintenance Program

Find Comfort in Your Home or Office

Schedule routine HVAC maintenance in Lakeland, Crystal Lake or Auburndale, FL

Your HVAC system never takes a day off. It works hard to keep you comfortable, so make sure you keep it well maintained. Supreme AC Solutions, LLC offers a routine HVAC maintenance program for residential and commercial properties throughout Lakeland, Crystal Lake and Auburndale, FL. We'll come run a 21-point diagnostic on your system every four to six months to make sure it's running smoothly and efficiently.

Maintain a comfortable space for your family or employees. Contact us in Lakeland or Auburndale, FL to learn more about our routine HVAC maintenance program and get a 10% discount; call 863-602-7302 today.

Don't find yourself stuck without AC

Before you fire up your heat or air conditioning this season, schedule pre-season HVAC repair services from Supreme AC Solutions. With a yearly AC tuneup, your system will offer:

  • More efficient airflow - We'll change air filters, repair ductwork and check air vents to provide clean and balanced airflow.
  • Better reliability - We can run diagnostics to pinpoint any potential issues and provide repairs before bigger problems arise.
  • A longer life span - With routine tuneups, your AC unit will function more efficiently for a lot longer. Tune-ups will also decrease the need for repairs.


Reach out to us in Lakeland, Crystal Lake or Auburndale, FL today to schedule yearly HVAC repair services and be ready for any weather. We even come out on weekends and holidays.

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